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Jinde assists people in greatest need in China

Jinde Charities reaches out to people who are among the most needy in China. We share the love of Christ through providing emergency relief in areas hit by earthquakes, floods, and other tragedies. We assist with housing and medical care for orphans, the elderly, and people with AIDS. We help with school tuition and scholarships for students who cannot afford school, and with the formation of future priests and sisters.

We travel throughout China, to nearby cities and remote mountain villages, to offer a listening ear and genuine companionship to those who are suffering. We help set up shelters, temporary clinics, and schools, and build wells, water towers, irrigation systems, and more, helping people on the road to recovery. We strive to create opportunities for sustainable development.

Each program listed below describes our work in greater detail, and links to news and photo galleries from the field. The photos tell the story best of all. Please take a few minutes to"come and see" what Jinde is doing in different parts of China.