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Fundraising: Sisters' Run and Special Events

Sisters' Run 2012

Sisters celebrate their success in finishing the 42 km Beijing Marathon in the 2011 Sisters' Run

For the past 3 years, with the backing of Vincentian Father Joseph Loftus, a consultant to Jinde, a growing group of dedicated Chinese sisters has run in the Beijing Marathon each October to raise funds for the elderly persons and disabled children whom they serve. The event both raises money and gives the sisters new confidence and skills in fundraising and advocating on behalf of those they serve. Last year the sisters raised more than 500,000 RMB ($79,000 USD) for 14 service organizations, including homes for the elderly and orphans.

The sisters have raised money that has changed the lives of many who are desperately poor, and have truly inspired all who watch them run their hearts out. They have many stories to tell about their experiences (posted on the Sisters' Run page, coming soon), and last year's run was covered by Chinese and international media, including CNN International.

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This year, our largest group yet, with over 60 sisters and 20 more priests and supporters, will take part in the event. Please see our special Sisters' Run page for detailed descriptions on the 30 sisters' projects that will be sponsored this year, and consider donating to the life-giving work of incredibly hard working sisters. 修女加油! (Xiu
Jia You! -- Go Sisters!)

Christmas Charity Dinner

Dancers perform 'Spring Ballet' at Jinde's 2011 Christmas Charity Dinner

Since China's opening to the world more than thirty years ago, celebrating Christmas has become more common. To promote the Christmas spirit and encourage more people to serve others, Jinde has held an annual Charity Dinner since 2005.

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Last Christmas we held our 7th annual Christmas Charity Dinner in Shijiazhuang, with the theme "You and I Walking Together", and highlighted the needs of those who are sick and underpriveleged students. Special guests included Ireland's ambassador to China, Declan Kelleher, with his wife Sigrun, and many friends from the U.S., Hong Kong, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, and many other places. In all, more than 500 people from all walks of life enjoyed the fine evening of food and special performances.

Irish Ambassador to China Declan Kelleher speaks about cooperation in charity between the two countries