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Care for the Elderly


Since 2000, China has been transforming into an aging society, with the number of seniors growing 3.3% annually. For this reason, Jinde Charities in recent years has been caring for poor and childless seniors. We have also been trying to help homes for seniors, offering them training activities aimed at improving the quality of services for the elderly. We have also carried out home visits, community services for the elderly, and other innovative projects.

Taking care of each other at Jinde's Elderly Home

2011 Summary

In 2011, Jinde spent 535,830 RMB for projects serving the elderly, including:

1) Three seminars for 104 students, who were trained in nursing skills and addressing the physical and spiritual needs of the elderly, caring for common chronic diseases among seniors, CPR training courses, and other kinds of care.

Cooking for a senior during a home visit

2) Assisting 58 elderly widows and widowers who live alone in Hebei, Anhui and Shandong provinces, helping them to address the necessities of life, and offering companionship and basic medical care.

3) Helping the elderly by providing daily care visits for empty-nesters or the widowed, doing their washing and cleaning, and bringing them food and clothing. Through training and financial support, this project benefits more than 600 elderly people in Hebei and Shandong, and Gansu provinces. Such low-cost projects rely on volunteers and provide a wide-range of services.

4) Supplying refrigerators, washing machines, and other equipment to improve the quality of service at two homes for the elderly.