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AIDS Prevention and Care

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In 2002, Jinde Charities began HIV care programs to improve society’s understanding of HIV, and to promote AIDS prevention and care for people with AIDS. Jinde Charities is currently carrying out several related activities: disseminating information about HIV, funding and visiting infected people with low incomes, managing care groups (which are not registered and need to be supervised by a registered institution), and organizing counselor training activities.

A Sister sharing information about AIDS at a public educational event

2011 Summary:

In 2011, Jinde spent 687,308.66 RMB in donations to promote AIDS prevention. We also organized AIDS awareness activities on five occasions, one school seminar, three events in parishes, two seminars for volunteers, and 10 training seminars. Jinde also visited 53 AIDS orphans and supported their living costs and tuition for one year, paid visits to AIDS patients, and supported the love and care groups carrying out the work. Other activities included three support group gatherings for HIV-positive people and their families, 54 home visits, providing reception service, and over 700 phone conversations, texts, network consulting and counseling services. As part of the AIDS prevention project, colleagues also visited hospitals, accompanied HIV patients to obtain medical treatment, and made arrangements or appointments for HIV patients at hospitals.

2010 Summary

In 2010, an estimated 740,000 people were living with HIV in China. Around 26,000 people died from AIDS the previous year. AIDS has become China's leading cause of death from infectious diseases, surpassing both tuberculosis and rabies. Jinde began its AIDS awareness and prevention work in 2002. By 2006, the work had largely shifted from raising awareness to providing care. Catholic Relief Services (CRS) supported much of this work carried out by Jinde in the past.

Caring for people living with HIV is now a primary task of Jinde's AIDS Prevention department. Jinde has also helped other grassroot groups begin their own AIDS prevention and care works.

Raising Funds for Orphans with HIV

With the support of the local clergy and lay Catholics, the AIDS Prevention Office launched fundraising events in parishes and public places across China.

On October 24, nine Catholic sisters wearing
'Sisters' Run' T-shirts ran in the Beijing marathon to raise money and awareness for orphans living with HIV. The money they raised will help cover the living costs, medicines and education. (See article on CNN International)

Every ten days, the AIDS Prevention Office staff conducts group activities that bring together HIV patients and give them a platform to know each other, chat and share life together. This kind of mutual understanding and support boosts their energy and brings hope into their lives. Office personnel also visit HIV patients who cannot attend the gatherings, to ascertain what they need and to accompany them. This helps the patients feel they are not excluded from the rest of society.

The stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS is still so severe in some places that sufferers are reluctant to come forward and seek treatment. Many who seek help in local hospitals are turned away for fear of infection. The AIDS Prevention Office helps patients contact hospitals and get the treatment they need. Jinde's services have encouraged many more sufferers to seek help.

Training for HIV Patients and Volunteers

The AIDS Prevention Office ran seven workshops for patients and volunteers in April, July, November and December 2010, to help educate people on how to live with HIV. The workshops also strengthened the capacity of the volunteers to serve HIV patients more effectively.

Tuition and Living Expenses of 48 Orphans Living with HIV

The AIDS Prevention Office has also financially assisted 48 orphans who needed support to cover their tuition fees and living expenses. One of them has enrolled for university studies.