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Hunan Province Flood - 2011

From June 4-13, 2011, the heaviest rain in 300 years caused flooding in Fenghuang County, killing 39 and affecting 3.61 million people with 149,000 evacuated and losses of 2.22 billion yuan ($340 million). Jinde moved in and provided critical assistance to those in need of shelter and emergency care.

Please see our comprhensive Hunan Flood Relief Final Report (2012) and our Midterm Report (2011) for a detailed description of our relief effort, with photos and complete statistical and financial data.

Yunnan Earthquake – 2011

The 2011 Yunnan earthquake (5.4 magnitude) struck on 10 March 2011 in Yunnan Province, southwest China, near the Burmese border. In the quake and its seven aftershocks, 26 people died and 313 were injured, with 127,000 evacuated to shelters. In less than 24 hours, Jinde’s personnel and supplies arrived on the scene and began aiding local people in their relief and recovery efforts.

Flood and Mudslide Relief--2010

In the flood season of 2010, more than 10 provinces in China were plagued by torrential rains and severe flooding. Jinde worked with Caritas Germany to respond to the disaster.

Flood and Mudslide Relief Photo Gallery

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Yushu Earthquake, Qinghai Province – 2010

(For full details and photos, see our Yushu Earthquake Relief Special Report and our Qinghai Earthquake Relief Photo Gallery)

This 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Yushu County, Qinghai, in northwest China on April 14, 2010, killing over 2,500 people and injuring over 12,000 in this remote and rugged region near Tibet. The quake destroyed nearby villages and Buddhist monasteries. Jinde mobilized immediately to the region, and remained for six months, helping with recovery and rebuilding. Jinde has since returned twice to support local people in their recovery.

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Sichuan Earthquake – 2008

Please see our Sichuan Earthquake Relief Special Report (2011) and Photo Gallery

Sichuan Earthquake Relief Photo Gallery

The 2008 Sichuan Earthquake, measuring 8.0 in magnitude, struck western China on May 12. It was China’s most devastating earthquake in three decades, killing 88,000 people, injuring 400,000 and leaving more than 5 million people displaced in three provinces. The magnitude of the disaster triggered a large domestic and international response. This was the first time such an invitation was extended to the international community. Thousands of survivors suffered further tragedy as floods and heavy aftershocks killed thousands more during reconstruction.

Immediately after the quake, Jinde Charities rallied in partnership with members of the Caritas network to supply relief goods including shelter, food, water, and clothing to severely affected communities. Our staff traveled to Sichuan and set up an operational office in Chengdu to coordinate the relief effort and large number of volunteers. We worked with 17 congregations throughout China to bring trained sisters to offer medical aid and counseling to the survivors living in camps and shelters. Please take a look at our comprehensive Special Report and our Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Final Report for complete details, photos, and statistics.


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