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2015 “Sisters’ Run” -- Jinde Charities

What is “Sisters’ Run”?


  Sisters' Run is an international Marathon running race which organized by Jinde Charities with the congregations of sisters , and held by China Athletics Association. The race was authorized by State General Administration of Sport for raising money to the projects and serving the sisters.

  Since 2009, the project of “ Sisters’ Run” has begun and Jinde Charities began to organize the sisters to join the Marathon which is the most influential race in our country. What is the relationship between Marathon and Fund-raising? Originally there was no relationship between Marathon and Fund-raising, but we changed the Marathon to a mode for raising money, and then they became connected, the Marathon became a method to receive donations.

  According to the convention of foreign countries, this method is a combination of charity and body-building. In the past, the sisters served for the project passively, waiting for the donations from others, they don’t know how to raise money for the organization they served.

  One of the purposes of The “sisters’ run” is to develop the ability of sisters in our country to raise money, except taking part in the long-distance running, they still have works like propagation and raising money, such as to propagate the charity projects they are taking on and to go to local parishes to propaganda, sell goods for charity or collect old books and newspapers and mineral water bottles for raising money.


What is the meaning of “Sisters’ Run”?

  The idea of marathon is “health”, and a really healthy person should have a good heart, so we defined the “charity” as the core of “health”. So many people don’t know the Catholic church, as soon as we mention about the sisters, they always associate the sisters with the figures who pray in the church and pay no attention to the social life.


  They don’t know what the sisters serve. We organize the sisters to join the Marathon and raise money for the weak groups they serve, and let them study the new propagation approaches to bring about positive effect of the sisters to society with their devoted heart.

  2015 --- Run for Charity

  This is the 7th year for “Sisters’ Run”, with the care and participation from more and more people, we gradually realized that the reason for the zeal from sisters is not only a simple sport, but an appeal to give cares to weak groups. In the Beijing Marathon which will be held at Sept.20th, 2015, the sisters continue to run for love and charity.

  The “Sisters’ Run” of this year will pay more attention to the interaction among the runners, the sisters not only run for charity with the runners, but the runners also help the sisters to raise money for projects, to do propagation for the projects that the sisters serve.

  The number of projects that shortlisted the “Sisters’ Run”in total is 26(visit www.jinde.org/mls for detail),the people benefited are more than 1000. Via the Beijing Marathon for charity, the sisters obtained the opportunities to communicate with other charity groups, and the ability of administration and propagation had been improved.

  This year, the people in charge for the “Sisters’ Run” are Sr.Li Yapin and Sr.Hu Huiqing from the Joseph Congregation of Beijing parish. The race becomes intense, when you get moved by the serving from the sisters, you can also see the ability of them has been improved, and their figures in the race! We hope in 2015 there will be more friends supporting the activity, and cheering for the sisters!


  All the money that have been raised will be used for
“Sisters’ Run”, and the audit will perform to the project semiannually.

  How to contact us:

  Tel:0311-86820130(Mon to Fri, 9:30-17:00)


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