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Featured Article: Disaster Relief for the flood

Jinde Charities begins to do disaster-relief for the flood in North and South China


In recent days, the people around the country are attaching much attention to the flood, Clergies and faithful are offering prayers and loving care. Since the flood came, Jinde Charities is focusing on the disaster, firstly we went to Hunan in July; as the flood of north part became severer, we begin to do the disaster relief separately: In the south of China we are focusing on the worst-hit areas in Yiyang, Hunan, In the north we begin to do disaster relief in Xingtai, Handan, Shijiazhuang, etc, we had dispatched materials valued of 300,000+ Yuan, on behalf of Caritas, Germany and domestic clergy and faithful.


From July 23rd to 24th, Jinde Charities smoothly dispatched oil, rice, and quilts which benefited 2722 families.
On July 24th, Jinde disaster relief team provided 5 slush pumps, the electric line of 500 meters and dispatched flour, oil and other materials for 380 families in Tuncun, Xingtai City.  "The pumps and electric lines are timely for us, thank you! " According to the reports, Jinde Charities is one of  the minorities of the charity organization that dispatched slush pumps. In fact, the colleagues of Jinde Charites are invariably by the spirit of human-oriented and practical activity to do disaster relief.



Philip Duan, who is a member of the department of disaster relief of Jinde Charities, said :" Local Church and government departments' support have made the relief smooth."

There is always loving care in human beings, we thank the clergy and faithful and benefactors behind Jinde, through their prayers and accompany, we have the courage to conquer the hardship with the people in the disaster area!


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