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Shijiazhuang : the 10th Christmas party was successfully held

On the road of charity-- we are together

On December 20th, the 10th Christmas party titled “We Are Together ” was held in Anhui building. This party was not only meant to raise money for the disabled orphans and children from the HIV-infected families, but also initiate two new projects aiming to install dentures for 1000 elders and supporting tuition for 1000 minority high school girls in the poor remote villages.

From the 1st Christmas party of 2004 to the 9th party , Jinde Charities had raised over 2.9 million yuan, more than 1300 beneficiaries had been assisted.

At the entrance a “wishing point” was set where guests could write down their wishes for Christmas. Behind there was a charity area, where sold the “loving ticket”, by these approaches we delivered our loving care. The handiworks were made by disabled orphans and HIV-infected people. The party had made a platform for them to show themselves to the whole society and audience.

The Irish ambassador John Paul Kavanagh delivered his blessing via the video, and the Catholic movie star Weijian Zhang also delivered his greetings, he said that though he could not make it to attend the Christmas Party , his pray and blessing were with all of us.
The secretary general John Ren said: “we come here to share the experience of life, friendship and love, thanks be to God who bless us and accompany with us”He also prayed for our country, for the well being and peace of people.
The party was full of splendid performances, the independent producer Qiang Cui and the dancer leader danced for the party, Siyu Wang, who comes from Shijiazhuang, sang a song named “seeking you in the crowd”for all the audience.

6 children from Gaoyi rehabitation center came to the scene, they sang the song <believing love>,“when the wings were damped by the rain, when the rainbow hasn’t shed light upon your face yet, please stretch your hands to get the warmth, and believe there was limitless love”. The song aroused the sympathy of the all audience, Mr Liang donated 1200 yuan for the children at once. The student Xiaomei Liu, who was sponsored by Jinde foundation for 7 years came to the party, now she is a sophomore at Baoding institute, after watching the VCR of the students in poverty, she said that Jinde helped her during her hard time, and made her dream of go-on study come into reality. Xiaomei said sincerely: “I will try my best to go on studying, I hope that one day I can deliver the warmth and love to more people who are in most need”.

The auction brought about the crescendo, the loving people positively joined the auction caring the weak, and the action moved everyone on the spot.Mr Yang Qiu, who bade the watch said that he would like to donate the watch out to be re-auctioned, he said that though he was not a Christian but he wanted to arouse the pity for the poor. Finally, the female watch was bidden 40000 RMB, and the male watch 11000 yuan. including 7 Calligraphys and paintings, the auction had raised money for 132 kilo yuan.

There were 700 people joined the party, they were from Beijing, Tianjin, Jilin, Shenyang, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, Gansu.This party raised 629364.55 yuan in total, we will send the money to help the disabled orphans, the children in HIV-infected families, lonely elders and the high school girls in poverty.

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