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Featured Project: Sisters' Run 2012

Sisters’ Run 2012: “Running for Charity”

At 8:30 on November 25th, the Beijing Marathon was held as scheduled.The team made up of 80 sisters became a distinctive sight among the 30 thousand participants.

On both sides of the racing track, volunteers of Jinde Charity as well as sisters themselves were carrying flags and chanting "Cheer for sisters" and "Run for Charity" all the way, which attracted great response from the public. Moreover, many participants released micro-blog about sister Marathon at the first time.

 (At the ending line of 21 kilometers race)

At about 11:40, sisters who took part in mini or half Marathon arrived their ending line respectively, while the five sisters who took  part in mini or half Marathon arrived their ending line respectively, while the five sisters who took  part in round journey also entered their last half race.


The Bishop of Beijing Parish Interviewed Sisters who Had Taken Part in the Marathon

The Press Conference of the Sister Marathon “Run for Charity” was Held in Beijing


      Sisters' Run 2011 received unprecedented news coverage in both Chinese and international news. See the articles in CNN International, Global Times, CBCP News, and more here:

"Sisters' Run 2011 Featured in Chinese and International News Media"

Special Events

3rd BRICKS Charity Golf Tournament Held at Beijing Country Golf Club

Jinde and BRICKS collaborate to raise funds for Sisters' Run 2012



For more photos from the BRICKS Charity Golf Tournament, please see the BRICKS blog here.

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