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Featured Article:The 2014 "sisters' run "

The 2014 "sisters' run " was successfully held in Beijing

On October 10th, 2014, at the 8:00 of the morning with the gunshot, 30 thousands of runners started the marathon under the foggy circumstance in Beijing.

  This is the 6th "sisters' run" held in Beijing, 36 sisters, 8 priests and 50 runners from different sectors of society who supported sisters made up the "sisters' run" team for charity of this year.

   As the sisters were wearing hoods, they aroused the attention and curiosity of the runners and crowds. There were many people inquiring the reason for the sisters joining the marathon, when they got to know that the sisters were serving for charity, they spoke highly of their dedication with their thumbs-up. In the process of running, the team of sisters rang with the slogans such like "run for charity","run for elderly peron of no family","run for HIV-infected persons","run for disabled orphans". In the crowd there were people shouting "cheers, sisters", the scene was moving and shocking.
  At last, the sister Lujia Lei who raised money for poor in Tongcheng, Hubei province, the sister Wanwan Li who raised money for caring old-age people and Yangyu duan, who comes from Jinde Charities successfully finished the full-marathon.30 sisters, 2 priests smoothly finished the half-marathon.


   On the race, the Canadian ambassador Mr.Guy Saint-Jacques came to assembly area for charity and got joined with the sisters in time. He helped the sisters to run, he said that the reason for him to join the project of "sisters' run" and run with the lovely sisters, is to express the support for the endeavor in raising money for multi charity project and on the aspect of civil society.


The Canadian ambassador Mr.Guy Saint-Jacques is with the sisters

  This year's "sisters' run" gained strongly support from lay people and priests in Beijing parish. on October 18th's interview,Bishop Shan Li, claimed that the sisters joining the marathon is well worth his admiration, by this way, sisters testified for the society and the church, and expressed the energy of catholic church to ardently serve the society.
  The Joseph sisters community from Beijing parish especially contributed to this marathon competition, as the "sisters' run" of this year mainly arranged by sister Yapin Li and sister Huiqing Hu to make the work of coordination, it was assured that the sisters from parts of the country were smoothly to join the competition, and assured the transfering of administration to sisters.
After the tense match on October 10th, sisters and part of runners joined the Mass ministered at Xizhimen church in Beijing. The parish priest ,Hongbo Zhang joined the marathon with the sisters,and finished the 10kilometers' match.

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